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News Wrapup: 11/4/17

G2A vs Gearbox, Minecraft Store, Persona 5 and more.

G2A refuses to change business practices despite Gearbox delisting Bulletstorm.

G2A has defended its business practices after a recent dispute with publisher Gearbox regarding the release of Bulletstorm Remastered on the G2A market. G2A has often been accused of having a shady business model where keys sold on their marketplace may not have been acquired legally and may not work. G2A has defended their practices in a statement where they claimed that their G2A Shield protection, which guarantees that game keys will work, calling Shield “convenience” rather than protection as customers are still entitled to their consumer protections.

Opinion: G2A has always had a reputation as a shady marketplace due to numerous scandals regarding where sellers had been obtaining their keys. I have only used the website twice personally, to buy copies of games that I had already owned but lost the keys to. I have not had any problems in my experiences but I would still recommend that gamers go through the usual channels when buying their games to be sure.

Blizzard struggling to port Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch.

In an interview with Express Online, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan stated that “getting Overwatch on the Switch is very challenging for us”. Kaplan was still open to the idea of the platform but said that the Blizzard team would have to “revisit performance” on the Nintendo console to make the game work on the platform.

Opinion: I believe that this is evidence that Nintendo will again not be receiving many third party games for its console. It appears as if developers would have to create a significantly different version of their games to make it work with Nintendo’s underpowered console and I fear that it may not be financially viable for these companies to do so.

Microsoft adds new Minecraft Storefront to charge for content that used to be free.

Microsoft has revealed its newest method to try and make money from Minecraft. Windows 10 and Mobile versions of the game will now have a new storefront that allows players to create new content and sell it to other players. It will require the use of a new currency of “Minecraft Coins” and Microsoft will take a 30% cut of all sales with creators receiving more than 50%.

Opinion: Another opportunity for Microsoft to squeeze every dollar out of the people who still play this massively popular game. It’s been a while since I last played but this is the type of content that was available for free on modding websites. I understand that creators put hard work into their mods but this is just another way to keep increasing the revenue of the world’s biggest game. Also I thought that Microsoft had gotten over their love of forcing people to buy an arbitrary fake currency to buy content for their games.

Persona 5 debuts at number 1 in the UK.

According to Ukie, Persona 5 has debuted as the number one selling gaming in the United Kingdom for the week. It is also the biggest launch for a “Persona” title in the territory.

Opinion: This is great news and it is nice to hear that games offering something a little different are making an impact in the sales charts globally. It feels like there may be a bit of a JRPG resurgence happening right now with the success of FF15, Nier:Automata and now Persona 5.

Pokemon Go still has over 65 million monthly players.

Contrary to the narrative that Pokemon Go has “died”, developer Niantic has revealed that they still have over 65 million players each month. They have also talked about a brand new coop experience that will be hitting in “Spring” in the northern hemisphere. Autumn is fast disappearing from us with currently no sign of this addition so hopefully it gets released soon.

Opinion: Niantic has made several moves in the right direction in recent months with more events and the release of the second generation of Pokemon. I still play the game myself and continue to enjoy it. The promise of coop gameplay sounds very interesting and is something this game needs. The player count shows that while the insane numbers of the launch of the game were not sustainable, even a fraction of that makes them one of the most popular mobile games on the market.


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