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News Wrapup: 13/4/17

Microsoft allowing digital refunds, Arms and Splatoon get release dates, Diablo gets a new class and more.

Microsoft introduces new option to self-service refunds on Xbox One and Windows 10 store.

Microsoft has introduced a new function to help with the refund process on their Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. Currently in alpha, the system will allow players to request a refund for a game within 14 days of purchase if play time is less than 2 hours. This is a similar system to the one currently used on Steam.

Opinion: This is a great step in the right direction for Microsoft. Refunding digital copies of games has always been a hassle often due to ownership issues (we have licenses for Steam games, not proper ownership). This brings digital refunds closer to its physical counterparts and allows the consumer rights that we have to take course. In the current climate of broken and buggy games (something I’ll examine soon in an opinion piece) I think that this is crucial for the rights of gamers and I hope Sony follows suit soon.

Arms launching for Switch on June 16 with Splatoon coming on July 21.

We have received release dates for two of Nintendo’s biggest games in their Nintendo Direct presentation today. Arms, a new Nintendo IP and fighting game for the Switch will be releasing on June 16 bringing creative characters together to fight using the Joy-Con controllers. Splatoon 2’s release date has also been confirmed to be on July 21, launching alongside a new set of amiibos.

Opinion: Arms seems like an interesting premise and its good to see Nintendo striving to increase their range of games. The characters are definitely out there (ramen-armed?) and Splatoon has previously proved that they are more than capable of moving out of their comfort zone. I’m not convinced that there will be a competitive scene for this game but the thought of two players waving around their Joy-Cons does sound very amusing.

Crime simulator Payday 2 in development for the Switch.

Publisher Starbreeze has confirmed that Payday 2 is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch according to an announcement on their website. Originally released in 2013, Payday 2 has been supported with over 140 updates since its release. The game is currently targeted for a late 2017 release.

Opinion: I found Payday to be a fun but repetitive franchise. It is good to see it make its way to the Switch platform as it provides a more “mature” game than the console currently provides and it is good to see the console being supported by a third party developer. It will be interesting to see how it runs on the Switch and will likely push the hardware to its limit.

Injustice 2 gets a new trailer with the Scarecrow.

Batman’s mad professor joins the roster of Netherrealm’s DC fighting game Injustice 2. Using a chain and his signature poison gas, Scarecrow appears to have long range and teleports to battle his opponents. One of his super moves shown appears to take inspiration from his scenes in the Arkham series of games. Injustice 2 will be released on May 16.

Opinion: The first Injustice game didn’t grab me and while there appears to be a better roster in this game, it just feels like it suffers from an uninteresting art style similar to the current DC movies in my opinion. I prefer my fighting games to be stylised such as Guilty Gear Xrd or even Street Fighter 5. While the graphics are technically good, there just feels like there’s a grey filter over everything. I don’t think this one’s for me.


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