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News Wrapup: 14/4/17

Bandai Namco's new game, Nintendo ups and downs, and Project Scorpio at E3.

Bandai Namco teases a new project.

The Dark Souls publisher released a short, animated trailer depicting a dark, bloody world which¬†leaves us with the tagline, “Prepare To Dine”. This is a reference to the original Dark Souls in which the line “Prepare To Die” was used throughout its marketing. The game is set to be revealed on April 20.

Opinion: This seems like it’s clearly a teaser for From Software’s next game and I could not be any more hyped for its reveal. The aesthetic of the trailer gives off a Bloodborne-like feel, although it’s unlikely that this is a sequel to the 2015 masterpiece since Sony published it, not Bandai Namco. I can only hope that “Prepare To Dine” is another spin on the thrilling Souls style of gameplay.

Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild sales numbers released.

The Nintendo Switch is off to an incredibly strong start as it has sold over 906, 000 units in North America in its launch month. This is faster than any other Nintendo system. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild mimics that success with 1.3 million units sold, including over 925, 000 on the switch and almost 460, 000 on the Wii U. These stats come from The NPD Group.

Opinion: It’s great to see Nintendo back in full swing after the lackluster commercial success of the Wii U. Assuming Arms, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey are hits, the console is looking to have a strong early lineup of exclusives coupled with its indie game support. As always with recent Nintendo consoles, third part support is what is going to make or break the Switch in the long run.

NES Classic Edition Discontinued.

In an interview with IGN, a representative from Nintendo of America announced that April will be the last month in which North America receives shipments of the NES Classic Edition. The representative said that the NES Classic Edition was only meant to be a limited, special offer and the high demand of it exceeded their expectations. There was no word on whether or not this would happen worldwide but we can only assume that Australia will meet the same fate.

Opinion: The way Nintendo handled the NES Classic honestly baffles me. With the amount of people, myself included, who were left disappointed after being unable to snatch one up it seemed like a no-brainer to continue production of the system. Anyone who is still after one will have to turn to other emulation solutions such as the Raspberry Pi or Nintendo’s own virtual console. The only beneficiaries from this are the scalpers who were already charging ridiculous prices for the system.

Project Scorpio unveiling at E3.

Phil Spencer has announced that the latest Xbox, currently titled ‘Project Scorpio’, will be unveiled at E3 in June. Little has been seen or heard of since the consoles initial announcement but Microsoft have been emphasising the¬†4K capabilities of Project Scorpio. Phil also mentions they’re “unifying players across PC and console with Xbox Live”, keeping with their recent push of their ‘Play Anywhere’ cross-buy model, and wants the Scorpio to be the best place to play all games, not just exclusives.

Opinion: I’m interested to see the reveal of Project Scorpio but I don’t think that more powerful hardware should be Xbox’s biggest concern right now. The amount of exclusives on the Xbox One is really underwhelming when compared to the PS4’s library of games and ‘Play Anywhere’ doesn’t exactly help this. I’m curious to see how they will market Project Scorpio, as anyone who wants to play on the most powerful system would just buy Xbox games on Windows 10 instead.


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