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News Wrapup: 15/4/17

Rocket League's big sales numbers and Star Citizen's free weekend.

Rocket League sells over 1 million physical copies.

Developer Psyonix has stated that their rocket-powered battle-car soccer game has sold over 1 million physical copies and 9.5 million digital copies. The game initially came out in July 2015 but has been available physically as of June 2016 from distributor 505 Games.

Opinion: I was one of the people who jumped into Rocket League when it was launched as a free Playstation Plus game. While I didn’t stick with the game for too long, I definitely did enjoy my time with it and respect its high skill cap. It looks like Psyonix’s continued support of the game will allow the community to thrive for years to come.

Star Citizen free weekend

Anyone looking to try out the massively multiplayer space exploration simulator can do so this weekend. From April 14th to April 18th players can sign up for free and jump into the cockpit of a ship known as the ‘Anvil Super Hornet’. Star Citizen is currently still in its alpha stages and has no timeframe for its full release.

Opinion: I’ve never played Star Citizen but I definitely see the appeal for anyone interested in space exploration. It seems like the sort of game you could sink hours into and feel like you’ve accomplished almost nothing (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing). Ambitious projects like these do always have me wary of the finished product though, especially when they remain in an alpha/beta/early access stage for an extended period of time.


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