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News Wrapup: 17/4/17

Plenty of Star Wars Battlefront 2 news and Nintendo teaming up with hackers for the Switch.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is using the writer of Spec Ops: The Line and will not have a season pass. 

Walt Williams, writer of the critically well received story for Spec Ops: The Line, has revealed that he has been working on the follow up to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront. Williams’ story in Spec Ops was lauded as one of the best in recent memory and asked questions of morality within its seemingly generic military shooter setting. It appears that EA has taken on the criticism received for its previous installment which barely had any single player content at all.

In other surprising news, EA may not have a season pass planned for the game. Creative director Bernd Diemer revealed this in a sit-down at the Star Wars Celebration event. He said that they did not want to segment their community as it meant that there were different groups that could not play with each other  due to the extra maps which decreased the community aspect of the game. This has not been guaranteed by EA as of yet and this would not rule out other forms of paid DLC.

Opinion: To put it bluntly, Battlefront had no story. If I recall there were a few missions that essentially acted as the tutorial for the game. I finished them within an hour. It really looks like they have taken on their criticism in this regard. Spec Ops was a fine game that was taken to another level purely through its narrative and Williams can hopefully bring this to the Star Wars franchise. As for the season pass, I just find it hilarious that after all this time they’ve just released that map DLC splits the userbase. Who would have thought that not everyone wants to pay twice the price of the game to get some extra maps that not everyone will play? It’s a good step but I can’t see them not trying to milk the game in some other way.

Nintendo extends HackerOne program to Nintendo Switch to try to root out hackers.

Nintendo has extended their HackerOne program to the Nintendo Switch in a bid to bolster security for their latest console. It allows hackers who find vulnerabilities to give Nintendo their information in exchange for bounties ranging from just $100 dollars to $20000 USD. This information can help prevent piracy and cheating but the amount they are charging will be unlikely to convince any would be hackers. There are no guarantees that Nintendo will consider the information to be good enough for a reward and there are no guarantees for the size of the reward. It is an interesting method to try and root out piracy and is something that is often done in the tech industry but these finder fees will not be swaying many hackers.

Opinion: From my experience, Nintendo have always appeared to have the easiest consoles to hack. At local markets seeing R4 and TT card hacks for the Nintendo DS were very commonplace. I know that the PSP was hacked too but Nintendo appeared to have simple loopholes. This program would likely be a good way to stop these hackers if they were offering a reasonable amount for their service. It looks like you are still treating hackers like the enemy instead of the solution when you only offer $100. I doubt the people in charge of security at Nintendo get paid like that.


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