Humble Wild Frontier Bundle Review

We've played Gods Will Be Watching, Ice Lakes and Frontiers. Should you buy this Humble Bundle?

This is the first of a new regular article taking a look at the games that come with each Humble Bundle. I assume that I am not the only person in the world who has bought countless bundles because of the value but has never touched the contents inside. I will be spending a couple of hours with each of the games within each Humble Bundle and I will let you know which games to actually have a go at.

The first set I will be looking at is the Wild Frontier bundle. It appears to be a set of games based upon being out of your comfort zone in the wild. I’ve purchased the lowest tier of the deal for $1.32 AUD which has come with three games: Frontiers, Gods Will Be Watching and Ice Lakes. Let’s see what we’ve got here.


Frontiers promises to be a return to a time of simpler first person RPGs like Daggerfall. For a game with such a small team the buildings and environment do look very impressive. I would say that it is about on par with Elder Scrolls Oblivion and I feel as thought inspiration may have been taken from that game. It suggests an interesting premise too, of following in your uncle’s footsteps as an explorer to find out what happened to him.

Unfortunately, this game is broken. This is an Early Access game and it feels like one. I know that it can be mean to judge the game as it is still in development but I couldn’t even begin my quest as none of the NPCs would talk to me after finishing the prologue. Having no idea what to do I ventured into the surrounding area which did have nice looking castles which I immediately got stuck in. I reloaded the game and tried walking to the lake. I did my best Jesus impression before being flung half-way across the map to an island in this distance. I can’t recommend Frontiers in its current state. Maybe in the future when its finished it may be better quality but it is an early access game so I’m not sure I’d hold my breath. It does have a pretty nice soundtrack though.

Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching is a point and click game developed by Deconstructeam and published by Devolver Digital. This is a brutal and hard game about making tough decisions. The first scene itself was difficult with you having to manage hostages while hacking into a system. The art style is beautiful and its an interesting premise for the game.

I would recommend choosing one of the easier difficulties though as the puzzles are punishing and can be hard to figure out and manage. This definitely looks like it will be worth having another look at, even just for the sake of pushing through the story on the narrative difficulty to see where the story takes me.

Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes is an in-depth ice-fishing game released by IceFlake Studios. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this game as I wasn’t sure how long a fishing game could hold my attention. I’m pleased to let you know that there is some fun to be had with this game. The first thing I would recommend doing would be finding the tutorial tab at the top right of the start menu. I started my first fishing trip blind. I figured the controls out easily enough but actually getting the fish to come to me was a different story. I’m used to this in real life though so that didn’t stop me.

There is a written tutorial that details all the different types of fish and equipment and how to best use your equipment to attract surrounding fish. After figuring out how to gently move my line in small circles I was catching fish in no time. There are no shortages of features here with fifteen maps available and loads of different game types such as total weight, biggest fish and specific breeds of fish. There are also a series of tournaments and online play with up to 32 people for the competitive fishermen out there. VR support is also a nice touch.

There are plenty of different types of rods, lures and drills to unlock using money earned in-game that all have different purposes and catching methods. This brings a depth to the game that I wasn’t expecting from my first impression and I feel like I may be spending some more time with this game. After all, there’s nothing like the thrill of the mad dash back to the starting area having just caught a fish with thirty seconds left.


So out of the three games from Wild Frontier bundle I would strongly recommend Ice Lakes, especially if you are a fan of casual simulator or fishing games. Gods Will Be Watching is at the very least interesting and may be worth a look if you don’t mind violent subject matter and Frontiers is not worth touching in its current state. With Ice Lakes normally costing $15 USD and Gods costing $10 USD I would say that this bundle may be worth picking up for if you are a fan of these genres or go in with an open mind.



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