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News Wrapup: 21/4/17

Heroes of the Storm hero giveaway, Saints Row 2 for free and a changing of the guard in the LoL OPL.

Saints Row 2 free on and Steam.

Saints Row 2 is currently being given away for free on both GOG and Steam platforms. There is currently a sale on developer Deep Silver’s games on GOG and the second game in the Saints series is a freebie. Saints 2 is commonly thought to be one of the best of the series but the PC port has many reported issues with it. Still, no reason not to pick this one up.

Opinion: Saints Row 2 is probably my favourite in the series. It is one of the instances where co-op is perfectly added to the game as all of the hi-jinks are always more fun with a friend. It is less crazy than its follow up games but for those looking for a slightly more serious experience I would definitely recommend this one.

Blizzard gifting Heroes of the Storm players heroes in free bundles coinciding with the release of patch 2.0.

After patch 2.0 of Heroes of the Storm goes live, Blizzard will be gifting all players who log in enough in game currency to buy one of four “Mega Hero Bundles”. These bundles contain a whopping 20 heroes each and are organised according to hero role with assassin, flex, support and tank bundles. There is some overlap between these bundles but it is definitely a great opportunity for newcomers and to fill in some gaps for experienced players. This will be available until May 22 and only one bundle will be able to be purchased.

Opinion: I have always meant to give HOTS a chance as I like the idea of MOBA games more than actually playing them. I’ve played a fair bit of LoL in my time and Heroes was always meant to be the more casual and accessible option. I think that this will finally get me over the line as it’s a pretty good opportunity to get some hero variety.

Dire Wolves becomes League of Legends Oceanic Pro League champions.

There has been a changing of the guard in the Oceanic League of Legends scene. The usual champions the Chiefs were hit with a series of bans due to unauthorised accounts leaving their roster under strength. This allowed previous semi-finalists Dire Wolves to snatch victory defeating Legacy 3-1 in the grand final. This was their first ever OPL title and they now progress to the Mid-Season Invitational where they’ll play the winners of the other leagues in Brazil.

Opinion: Well earned victory by Dire Wolves. Typically the Chiefs and Legacy are seen as the strongest Oceania teams but the Wolves proved themselves more than capable taking out Legacy. The Chiefs bans were disastrous leaving a team of stand-ins who were no match for the competition. Its good to see a more competitive landscape in the OPL as the Chiefs had dominated for years.


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