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News Wrapup: 24/4/17

Lots of Call of Duty news both good and bad as well as a SGDK 2017 schedule announcement.

Call of Duty WW2 being revealed on April 26th.

It is official. The Call of Duty franchise is heading back to its roots for its next installment that will be taking place in World War 2. Having exhausted the modern and future settings and with lackluster sales for Infinite Warfare, Activision are taking the series back to what got the franchise started in a hope to bring life back to the series. It is being developed by Sledgehammer games who previously worked on Modern Warfare 3 and Advanced Warfare which were well received. All will be revealed in a livestream on April 26th.

Opinion: There was a point where Call of Duty was one of my most played series. I played CoD4 competitively and enjoyed World at War and Modern Warfare 2. Unfortunately there just came a point where everything just felt rehashed and repetitive and I stopped playing them after Black Ops. The series got far too popular and commercial and just became a yearly product rather than actual great games. Personally the series felt best when it was “grounded” (heh.) in reality rather than the set piece action movie it later became.

The return to the World War 2 setting feels as though they have run out of ideas. I know it has been a while since the last major WW2 shooter but just ten years ago we were begging for these games to stop. I’m not sure if the ridiculous set piece action the series is now known for will transfer back into the WW2 theme. Call of Duty 2 and World at War were great games that put you in the role of a foot soldier, not a superhero.

Finally, this feels like it would be a bigger deal if Battlefield 1 hadn’t come out last year. It doesn’t feel like a fresh idea returning back the battles of the past if their competitors did the same thing last year.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered now has map DLC for $5USD more than it was originally released for.

Controversially, Modern Warfare Remastered that came forcibly bundled with Infinite Warfare will have four paid DLC maps that will cost $15USD. Originally when the game came out the same bundle only cost $10USD. Rightfully so, many players were upset by this price point or the fact that they had to pay at all as in most cases, remastered editions of games come with all additional DLC on the disc.

Opinion: This is just pathetic on behalf of Activision. The entire Modern Warfare Remastered saga has just been a joke and this is just the icing on the cake. This DLC was originally FREE on PC. It was just a patch that added new maps due to a sponsorship with Nvidia and now they have the balls to try and charge $15USD for 4 decade old maps?

The maps aren’t even that special. Chinatown is a remake of a classic map called Carentan from the first two CODs except now with more visibility issues. Broadcast is lifted from the campaign entirely and was ok. Killhouse was a great little map for a few players but became a mess with a full squad and Creek is probably the most forgettable map in the game. Spend your money on an indie game that deserves it instead of four maps that should have come with the game.

Summer Games Done Quick 2017 schedule has been released.

It’s that time of the year again and the Summer Games Done Quick schedule for 2017 has now been released. The event is being help from July 2 to 9 and will be raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Some new games have entered the contest such as Titanfall 2 and an interesting NieR:Automata being run by “Halfcoordinated”, a gamer with a disability that prevents him from using his right hand. The last event raised $2 million dollars in donations for charity.

Opinion: Always great to see more Games Done Quick events as they are for a great cause and it lets some of the best gamers in the world showcase their speedrunning skills. I recommend everyone watch this video of Halfcoordinated in action. He plays mostly Platinum Games which are some of the hardest games out there and he does it with one hand. Simply incredible.



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