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News Wrapup: 26/4/17

Marvel vs Capcom has a new story trailer, Splatoon 2 getting competitive at E3 and a new Starcraft 2 co-op commander.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite story trailer released.

The first story trailer for the new fighting game Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has been released. Marvel villain Ultron (enemy of the second Avengers film) and Sigma (Mega Man’s adversary) have combined to wipe out all organic life and it is up to the many warriors of both universes to stop them. My experience with the series is only with Marvel vs Capcom 3 but the story seems to be more of a focus this time around and it will be interesting to see if the game will contain story cutscenes, similar to the rival Injustice series.

Opinion: I always prefer of fighting games to have some resemblance of story in them even though I know that can be hard with such a ridiculous premise like MvC:I. It’s about time that the Marvel Cinematic Universe took a serious attempt at some form of game tie in.  Looking forward to this release.

Nintendo hosting a pre-release Splatoon 2 exhibition tournament at E3 this year.

Nintendo America have announced on Twitter that they will be holding a Splatoon 2 exhibition tournament at E3 2017 to promote the game ahead of its release date on July 21.  The first Splatoon game had a small competitive player-base and Nintendo may be angling to further push Splatoon 2 as competitive shooter for their Switch Console. This was alluded to in the initial Switch promotions as well.

Opinion: Splatoon was a really fun game that I found too late. When I played the community was pretty much gone which is a shame because it’s a great premise for a shooter. I like that Nintendo seems to be pushing the game as one of its marquee first party games as their line-up definitely needed some new life injected. We’ll make sure to pick up Splatoon 2 to give you our thoughts upon release.

Starcraft 2 preparing to add a new co-op commander: the dragoon, Fenix.

Blizzard are continuing to support their Starcraft 2 players with another new co-op commander, Fenix. The dragoon Fenix, formerly known as the zealot Talandar, is one of the main crew members in the Legacy of the Void campaign and will be joining the selection of co-op commanders when patch 3.13 releases. He has the ability to change between forms and looks to be the active commander with the most sheer power due to his ability that removes cooldowns for a short period of time.

Opinion: I was a big fan of Starcraft 2 and have still be playing the co-op from time to time as I find it much more enjoyable than getting destroyed online. Blizzard looks like they have been getting more and more creative with the newest commanders as they all can cause some very visually appealing destruction. However, as much as I love the mode $6.95AUD for each new co-op commander is just too much in my books. I know that the continual content doesn’t get made for free but this will be the fifth paid commander totaling about $35AUD for the lot. If they made some bundles for a cheaper price I’d be interested but it’s too steep as is.


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