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News Wrapup: 28/4/17

Lots of Nintendo news and Dead Space 2 and 3 are backwards compatible on Xbox One.

Nintendo announces the 2DS XL.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo just dropped a trailer for the 2DS XL. The newest revision of the console features a C stick, amiibo functionality and, unlike the original 2DS, has the classic folding style of the DS. It also boasts that it has XL screens and fast processing power. The 2DS XL is releasing on July 28 for $199.95 (AUD).

Opinion: It’s nice that Nintendo has realised that nobody cares about the 3D gimmick of the 3DS. Not a single person I know ever has their 3D turned on. That is, however, the only positive I’m taking from this announcement since this means that 3DS support will probably be continuing for a while. I’d much rather have Nintendo completely drop support or slowly stop releasing games for it over 2017 and focus entirely on the Switch to ensure that we are getting the best games.

New Arms character: Helix.

A lanky, green blob named Helix, or ‘DNA Man’, is the newest fighter to be announced for Arms. He seems to be focused on avoiding enemies attacks with his unorthodox movement as he slides, floats and shimmies past attacks. He also appears to have a slime ability that hits the enemy’s face, possibly obscuring that player’s vision.

Opinion: The more I see of Arms, the more I’m liking the diversity in both character’s designs and gameplay. Helix looks like the sort of character that will frustrate your opponent to no end with his high mobility and goofy animations. Very excited for this game.

Dead Space 2 and 3 now backwards compatible on Xbox One.

The sci-fi horror shooters join the original as backwards compatible titles on Xbox One today.

Opinion: I’m a big fan of the first Dead Space game and would encourage anyone who likes survival horror games to give it a try. This is the one area where Microsoft is crushing Sony. The Xbox One’s constantly expanding catalogue of backwards compatible games is fantastic, especially for those who skipped on the Xbox 360.

Nintendo not doing an E3 conference again.

Nintendo have announced that, once again, they will not be presenting a large-scale press conference at E3 this June. They will most likely just do the same as previous years and have an E3 Nintendo Direct, as well as Nintendo Treehouse streams to show off their upcoming games and talk to the creators of them. Nintendo of America will be letting us know what their plans are at a later date.

Opinion: This isn’t surprising and is probably my preferred method of E3 conference. Nintendo’s E3 Directs have gone smoother than the other main conferences, avoiding constant introductions of people to the stage and awkward jokes that fall flat on the crowd, and have real character to them. The following Treehouse streams always give a lot of insight into how their games a played what to expect going forward.



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