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News Wrapup: 29/4/17

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 PC release date, de Blob coming to Steam and more.

Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 gets a PC launch date.

Arc System Works’ fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 will be coming to PC on June 1st. Playstation 3 and 4 versions will be releasing on May 26th in North America. This marks a significant improvement in the amount of time to port the game to PC from past Guilty Gear releases. Owners of GG XrD: Revelator will be able to upgrade to the new version of the game for $20USD which has re-balanced characters and mechanics as well as some new characters.

Opinion: Now I’m not about to say that I’m a fighting game guy who knows the inner workings of these games but I do know that I love this game and it is my favourite fighting game. The art style is phenomenal, it has tutorials that actually teach you the game, the music is great and the characters are so varied that it doesn’t matter that the roster isn’t as huge as some other games. I would highly recommend picking up Revelator so I’m excited for this new version.

Overwatch cracks 30 million total players.

Overwatch keeps its successes going, passing 30 million total players. Blizzard’s character based first person shooter has been extremely successful and was a valuable addition to their lineup of games. The game is still being strongly supported by Blizzard due to the loot system and it should remain a mainstay for quite some time.

Opinion: Great game, frustrating loot system but at least it’s all cosmetic. Good to see a new IP be so successful in a world of sequels.

Australian game de Blob makes its way to Steam.

Publisher THQ Nordic has brought Australian developed game, de Blob, to PC 9 years after its initial release. Originally developed for the Wii by Blue Tongue Entertainment from Melbourne, the game has been ported by Blitworks and is now available on the Steam platform. The game is about bringing back colour to a dull world and was well received on release. Initial Steam reviews suggest that the port isn’t buggy apart from slight camera issues.

Opinion: I’ve only played the sequel but I can assure you that de Blob is a great game with some social commentary and fun gameplay. If you have any children I would highly recommend this game as it is relatively forgiving from what I remember. It is also a sad reminder of what has become of Australian game development. These were quality games and de Blob sold over 700000 copies worldwide according to THQ. They were hitting their stride with their best series yet but the company was closed when THQ had financial problems. There are so few Australian developers left in the industry now but this game is a reminder of what we could do in the past.


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