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News Wrapup: 2/5/17

Zelda: Breath of the Wild patch and DLC, Nioh DLC gameplay, and a beta for the new Street Fighter V patch.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild new patch and DLC detailed.

As of today, Breath of the Wild is now playable in nine audio languages. To obtain the Japanese, English, French (France), French (Canada), German, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Italian and Russian languages, simply download the new patch on the Switch or download the ‘Voice Pack’ from the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U.

Nintendo has also detailed the first DLC pack of Breath of the Wild, set to release within the next few months. The DLC can be obtained with the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass which costs $19.99 USD on the eShop.

Trial of the Sword is a new challenge mode which pits you against 45 consecutive rooms of enemies and starts you with no equipment or weapons. Completing this will upgrade the Master Sword, permanently leaving it in its glowing buffed state (but it will still be breakable).

Hero’s Path Mode is a new feature for the map which shows the path you have walked and how long you spent in each area in the last 200 hours of gameplay. This is to help players figure out where they have yet to explore in their search for the last few shrines.

Hard Mode is an added difficulty where enemies regenerate health over time and are all one level (the colour of the enemy) higher than they normally would be. This means that there is a higher maximum enemy level in hard mode. There will also be enemies and treasure chests in the sky, whatever that means.

The Travel Medallion is a consumable item which can be used once to create a new fast travel point on your map. It can be found in a chest somewhere.

Eight new armour sets can be found in chests throughout Hyrule. The sets are based on characters from previous Zelda games.

Opinion: The added languages are a welcome feature, especially if you wanna get rid of Princess Zelda’s terrible English voice. I’m looking forward to the DLC but it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of content here. The new costumes and features are nice but if ‘Trial of the Sword’ isn’t anything special this DLC won’t have a lot going on.

Nioh’s Dragon of the North DLC gets new gameplay trailer.

The DLC of Team Ninja’s souls-like action RPG will feature new weapons, missions, NPCs, Guardian Spirits, enemies and locations. It releases on May 2nd.

Set after the conclusion of the main game, Dragon of the North takes William to the Oshu region where he will ultimately face off against Masamune Date, who goes by the name of ‘One-Eyed Dragon’.

Opinion: Nioh is a great action game that was let down by a lack of enemy and weapon variety. I’ll definitely be jumping into the DLC in the future, when I’m less swamped by amazing games that deserve my time.

Street Fighter V open beta for upcoming patch.

Street Fighter V is getting another open beta which can be downloaded for free on PC or PS4 on May 11 to May 14 PDT. The beta will feature the Season 2 balance changes, newest DLC character (thought to be Ed from story mode), and a handful of improvements to the Capcom Fighters Network.

The newest addition of the Capcom Fighters Network will include:

  • Icons that identify if a player rage quits a lot or if a player never rage quits. Frequent quitters will be matched against each other.
  • Improved loading times for Ranked and Casual matches.
  • Country flags when searching for Battle Lounges in order to find players in your region.
  • Faster matchmaking and less of a chance of being repeatedly matched against the same person (god, I hated that).
  • More detailed stats in your fighter profile.
  • Improved leaderboards.
  • A friends list that also allows you to blacklist players.
  • A timeline which shows your friends’ activities.
  • In-game announcer voice that will give you stats on both players. (Not sure how this is going to work.)

Opinion: I’m always excited for Street Fighter patches so I’ll definitely be checking this out. Hopefully these improvements are significant and the new DLC character is as unique as Akuma and Kolin have been.


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