Humble Very Positive Bundle Review

Super Mega Baseball, The Deadly Tower of Monsters and They Bleed Pixels. Should you pick up this Humble bundle?

This fortnight’s Humble Bundle is made up of games that are reviewed “very positively” according to Steam user reviews. The base tier of this bundle includes Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, The Deadly Tower of Monsters and They Bleed Pixels starting from just $1USD for Steam keys.

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

It has been a while since I’ve last played a baseball game and I can’t say I’m an expert on the sport. The only baseball game I’ve ever owned was Major League Baseball with Ken Griffey Jnr. on the Nintendo 64 and that came out nearly 20 (!) years ago. Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is an independent game released by Metalhead Software and features plenty of fun, stylised baseball. There are plenty of features here including a season mode, stat tracking, off-line multiplayer and full player customisation allowing you to recreate your favourite players, albeit with a massive head. The baseball action itself is pretty similar to how it has always been. Different power levels and the option to bunt are available for batters while the pitchers have a range of different throws to utilise. It’s pretty fun but I feel like I may grow tired of it quickly, only playing it occasionally with friends. That’s how I feel about the sport in general though so if anyone is a fan of baseball I recommend trying this out if you’re looking for an alternative to MLB The Show on the cheap.

Super Mega Baseball_20141212160007

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a top down shooter game set in the theme of old school sci-fi movies of the 50s. It was developed by ACE Team, an independent studio based in Chile. This is a pretty unique concept for a game, as is the narrator which poses as the director of the “movie” doing the DVD commentary. It leads to some amusing moments and jokes and I would say that it is the driving force for the game. It is a style that feels like a combination of Bastion, LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway’s narrators. The game itself is a pretty standard top down shooter with plenty of collectibles and upgrades. The best part would be the 50s aesthetic, using intentionally bad stop motion animation to set the stage. This one is definitely worth a look and is a great concept for a game.


They Bleed Pixels

They Bleed Pixels is a gothic inspired pixel art platformer that has a focus on simple but violent combos to dispatch your foes. The game was developed and published by Spooky Squid Games, a studio made up of just two people. The main character, a cursed little girl with claw hands, must battle her way through difficult levels that remind me of Super Meat Boy’s. The difference is that They Bleed Pixels is a more slower paced game with longer levels compared to the burst gameplay of Super Meat Boy. Stylish fighting and collectibles are rewarded with blood that fills your checkpoint bar meaning taking risks can actually give you more checkpoints than playing it safe. I made it about a third of the way through the game, to the end of Dream 2. It is definitely a difficult game which may be a turn off for some but I enjoyed my time here and may finish it off at some point.



I am happy to report that this is a great Humble Bundle. I would say that all three of these games are worth playing. They are all completely different from each other meaning they may not all appeal to you but these games are definitely high quality releases and you should absolutely pick up this Humble Bundle.


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