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News Wrapup: 6/5/17

Echoes is the last 3DS Fire Emblem, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Rocket Raccoon/Groot gameplay and Street Fighter V's new character.

Fire Emblem Echoes is the last mainline 3DS game in the series.

Hitoshi Yamagami, the Fire Emblem producer, has told Dengeki Nintendo that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will probably be the last mainline 3DS Fire Emblem. The 3DS will still be getting a version of Fire Emblem Warriors, which is set to release in Spring (Australia) this year, and a new mainline Fire Emblem game is scheduled for the Switch in 2018.

Opinion: I’m happy to finally see some progress in Nintendo moving on from the 3DS to the Switch. The faster old consoles are abandoned for new ones, the faster we get better games. I’ll be skipping out on Echoes and Warriors (I don’t like Musou games) but I eagerly await the Switch Fire Emblem game.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Twitter shows off Rocket Raccoon’s new Hyper Combo.

In this brief gameplay revealĀ of Rocket Raccoon, we see him team up with his partner in crime, Groot, to deliver a devastating Hyper Combo. It is unclear whether Groot and Rocket play together as one character or if Groot just jumps in for the Hyper Combo. The two may have similar mechanics to Ultron, who calls in his robots as assist moves, with Groot in place of the robots. The lack of meter shown also doesn’t tell us whether this is a level 1 or 3 Hyper Combo.

Opinion: I think that the two characters will be together and Rocket will be riding Groot during gameplay. Small characters (Rocket, Viewtiful Joe, Arthur, etc.) can be super annoying to fight and I think that Capcom are going to try to avoid that problem this time around. Also, it’s kind of hard to tell with the low quality of the video, but Rocket’s model looks really good to me. Hopefully this is a sign that the character models will be polished up a bit by the time we get our hands on the game.

Street Fighter V DLC character reveal on Monday.

The Street Fighter Twitter has posted an image along with the announcement of the next character reveal.

It appears that Balrog is being attacked by someone who possesses psycho power, which is in line with the Playstation Store’s leak that the next character would be Ed, who has psycho powers and is trained by Balrog.


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