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News Wrapup: 7/5/17

Assassin's Creed possible leak and Starbreeze Studios showing System Shock 3 and Psychonauts 2.

Assassin’s Creed Origins rumored to be revealed at E3.

According to the next Assassin’s Creed game will be called Origins and will take place in ancient Egypt. Anonymous sources from Ubisoft have said that the game will be much more open world based with more freedom with naval combat returning. It will be the “biggest Assassin’s Creed the company has ever created”. Information regarding the game will likely be revealed at E3 next month.

Opinion: The Assassin’s Creed subtitles have always been amusing and for the most part meaningless. They just want to hide the fact that this would be the tenth game in the main series in ten years. As for what was revealed, it sounds like a slight departure from what the series has repeated ad nauseam but not enough to get me interested in the series again. I did appreciate that Ubisoft took extra time to make this game but I can’t see them deviating from the formula that has been so successful to this point.

Starbreeze holding a Twitch event on May 10 with System Shock 3 and Psychonauts 2 reveals.

Swedish developer and publisher, Starbreeze Studios, will be holding a streaming event detailing some of their upcoming games including System Shock 3 and Psychonauts 2. It will take place on May 10 and will include updates on other games such as The Walking Dead game by Overkill Software and Payday 2.

Opinion: System Shock 2 is a fantastic game and one that was very influential in the gaming landscape. I’m interested to see a followup but I’m unsure. Some members of the original development team are returning which is a positive but it’s a style of game that doesn’t mesh with today’s shooters. Hopefully it will not go the route of Deus Ex which tried to dumb itself down for a wider audience in my opinion. Psychonauts 2 is exciting as I’m still waiting for that next great platformer game. The setting is still a fantastic concept but I just hope the gameplay is up to par.


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