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News Wrapup: 10/5/17

Vanquish announced for PC and EA's big claims for digital games.

Vanquish PC version announced.

After the success of Bayonetta’s PC version, Sega has announced that Vanquish will be joining it on Steam on May 25th, 2017. PlatinumGames’ action shooter hybrid boasts unlocked resolution and framerate in, what seems to be, the definitive edition of the game. Vanquish will cost $20 USD and owners of Bayonetta on Steam will get a 25% discount.

Opinion: Vanquish is a true gem of the last generation and I would recommend it to both shooter and action game fans. Platinum perfectly merged the two genres to create a unique experience that is yet to be matched. I might have to pick this up when I’m looking for something to play.

EA predicts that digital sales will make up over 40% of console game sales by the end of 2017.

According to Eurogamer, EA revealed these predictions in a financial call last night. They did, however, say that their percentage will probably be lower as FIFA, which makes up a large portion of their sales, sells a lot in areas where digital sales are rare.

With digital sales already capturing the market on PC and increasing trends in downloads for consoles year after year, it’s only natural to think that consoles will eventually go the way of PC.

Opinion: Here in Australia, the convenience of owning digital games on consoles isn’t worth all the disadvantages. I almost always go with physical copies on console since they are cheaper ($60-$80 AUD vs $100 online), can be returned or traded in later, and don’t need to be downloaded with our horrible download speeds.


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