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News Wrapup: 19/5/17

Loads of Destiny 2 news and Owlboy coming to the Switch.

Destiny 2 gameplay trailer released.

Bungie has revealed Destiny 2 today with an official gameplay trailer.

Opinion: Destiny was a good game but an unfinished game. I don’t agree with the pricing model that the game used and I felt that there wasn’t enough content in the game. I know that future DLC added plenty of extra content that fans were looking for but I wasn’t willing to part with that much money for a few extra missions.

It appears that they are trying to inject some personality in the game with Nathan Fillion’s character being prominently displayed but I can’t shake the feeling that this is just not as interesting of a world as Halo. The races in the first game were completely underdeveloped and uninspired and the mission structure was boring. I’m not just expecting another Halo but I’m just not that excited for the sequel. The trailer doesn’t look all that different to the first game and from what I’ve read there may not me much new content such as no new classes or races. Looks like more of the same.

Destiny 2 will be available on PC through, won’t use dedicated servers and will be releasing later than the console versions.

Activision and Bungie have made it clear that Destiny 2 will be coming to PC and in an interesting move the game will be distributed through, a service reserved until now for Blizzard games. There is confirmation that dedicated servers will not be available and that the game will be releasing after the console counterparts. On a more positive not, the game’s framerate will be uncapped on PC with consoles being capped at only 30fps.

Opinion: It is nice that PC players will be getting a chance to join in this time around and the quality should be higher with the higher framerates. The choice to use is interesting and may demonstrate Activision wanting to cut out the Steam middlemen to sell their games, just like EA has done with Origin.

Owlboy will be coming to Switch.

Nintendo Japan has released a video of upcoming indie games for the Switch and Owlboy has been featured. Owlboy is a retro-style platformer created by a small indie developer called D-Pad Studio. It was in production for over 8 years but was released to near universal acclaim. No release date has been mentioned for the Switch version.



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