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PS3 production has finally ended.

Production of Playstation 3 consoles in Japan has now ceased. The console first released more than a decade ago in 2006 and has amassed sales of over 80 million consoles sold according to a Sony press release in 2013. The PS3 had a strong and long life cycle but didn’t quite last as long as the PS2, which is reportedly the highest selling console of all time.

Opinion: The PS3 was the first console that I bought myself when I was just a kid. It pains me to say it but I got the first version of the console which cost $1000AUD for a 60gb hard drive and backwards compatibility. It is pretty crazy to think about now with the current generation of consoles releasing at only a $500AUD price point. So many lawns were mown to afford that console and it performed admirably. I think  it lasted about seven years of constant use before I got the disk drive error and had to upgrade to a PS3 super slim. At the time I considered that a big deal with how frequently all of my friends had their Xbox 360’s red ring.

The console had its problems with a development kit that was generally seen as more difficult to use than its competitors, an inferior controller with the silly triggers and lack of party functionality. It did however have free online multiplayer and it is unfortunate that Sony saw that they could copy the Xbox model to push their revenue.

I have noticed in recent months that there has finally been a shift away from the console in stores in Australia. At Eb Games there is essentially just a couple of shelves at the bottom now so it is clear that the PS3 was no longer a priority. It did last very well though and even had many new games being released on the console well into its later years. From a recent trip to Japan I could see that PS3 games still took up loads of real estate at department stores and this is probably a result of continued support from Japanese developers with games such as Metal Gear Solid 5, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and even Persona 5 most recently.

My final thought about the console is that I will always remember it as the console that ushered in HD gaming for me. The jump between PS2 graphics and PS3 graphics is massive; much more so than the jump from 3 to 4. It pushed its console competitors to up their quality as a result so for me that will be the defining “next-gen” console that I will remember as a true step up.



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