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E3: A Way Out announced from creators of Brothers.

A brand new game from the creators of Brothers and published from EA Originals.

“A Way Out” has been announced by EA and Hazelight, creators of the critically acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, for release in early 2018. It tells the story of two prison inmates who must work together to break out and sort their lives out. The game appears to be a completely co-op experience with an emphasis on couch co-op according to the developer although online will be available.

The game looks like a tense and action packed affair although not quite to the extremes of the Uncharted series. It does seem to be heavily narrative driven in the same vein though which sounds great to me. Joseph Fares, writer and director at Hazelight, has hinted at a degree of choice in gameplay to solve objectives using the traits of the two playable characters.


The game utilises an interesting splitscreen mechanic of different sized frames depending on what is happening to each character. For instance, one character could be in a cutscene while the other is still playable and can continue walking around. This looks like a really unique way of incorporating co-op into the game. A Way Out is currently scheduled for release in early 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Opinion: This is currently my most anticipated game announced at this years E3 so far. I am a story driven gamer and I always want more co-op games to play as I usually have the most fun when I’m playing with others. This looks like a great way to incorporate both and it looks interesting as it uses two lead characters. Usually in a game where there is a co-op mode it is usually a tacked on side character who is just along for the ride. Having two strong main characters could lead to some intriguing places as it feels as if the characters are not “friends” from the encounters shown. There could be some really great drama in the late game with this mechanic.

I also want to say that I am really glad to hear about this EA Originals strategy. In a world of sequels I like to see a smaller team being given the chance to tell an original and unique story that isn’t part of a well established franchise. I’m not sure what the size of the team at Hazelight is but there seem to be good production values here and I’m glad they have been given the chance to make this game.


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