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E3: Beyond Good and Evil 0.5 or 2?

A sequel has been revealed for Beyond Good and Evil but is it what we hoped for?

We finally have some news regarding a follow up to cult game Beyond Good and Evil from today’s Ubisoft press conference. A cinematic trailer has been released as well as some information regarding the game.

Here comes some troubling details: it seems to actually be a prequel which troubles me for some reasons I will go into later and there is a whole lot of talk about it being “seamlessly online” with a multiplayer component. This is the same type of talk used for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 but there were options to turn this off or ignore it in that game. I’m interested to see how this would even work as if it is going to be anything like the first game I can’t see how multiplayer will even fit in.

The cinematic was very beautiful as they all seem to be these days and there seems to be a change in tone with frequent swearing shown in the trailer. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just seems like this isn’t really a sequel to the previous game.

Opinion: I legitimately loved the first Beyond Good and Evil and remember renting it repeatedly as a kid and buying and 100 percenting the HD remaster. I am kinda amazed by all the attention this game is getting. I feel like it has just become a meme like Half-Life 3 because this was not a commercially successful game. I really did hope that there would be a sequel but realised that it would be one hell of a risk on Ubisoft’s part. Unfortunately this is not the game that fans of the first game are waiting for. Some spoilers ahead.

The first game was a very personal affair and the charm was in the rebellion and bringing light to the atrocities of the military regime in power. The game ended on one hell of a cliff hanger with a big reveal regarding Jade’s origin hinted at but not explained and with Jade’s father figure Pej left with what seems to be a disease from the true enemies of the game. In my opinion the second game of the series is not the time to go back and write revisionist history in a prequel. It could be easily elaborated on and explored in a sequel that continues what the first game set out to do.

The prequel aspect of it doesn’t even make sense. I know that our technology has evolved and we are able to make great looking cinematics but the world shown looked nothing like anything in the first game and the implication that everyone has spaceships and all this tech doesn’t fit the world of the first game. I know that they are pushing this as a galaxy wide game compared to the smaller scope of the first but that stuff just bugs me.

I am happy that this game is finally being made and I’m always open to new and original ideas but by the looks of this and the multiplayer nonsense (this is a game about sneaking into bases and taking photos, doesn’t exactly scream multiplayer) this is not the sequel I wanted.


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