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E3: New “Detroit: Become Human” trailer released.

More information about David Cage's new game has been revealed.

David Cage and Quantic Dream’s new game Detroit: Become Human received a new trailer today detailing how the gameplay mechanic of choice may work and how it can affect the overarching story. The game uses a new engine from the team’s previous games Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls to power the new choice interactions. Like Heavy Rain it will feature a cast of characters whose fate will be determined by the player.

It explores human-like androids who appear to have replaced the lower class of society’s role of mundane jobs. This trailer features the character Marcus who is a rogue android as opposed to the previous trailer which featured a detective character. Detroit will be coming to the PS4 but its release date is still unknown.

Opinion: Heavy Rain is one of my favourite games. Beyond: Two Souls was a mess and what I’ve seen of Fahrenheit didn’t look too great either. David Cage doesn’t have the greatest track record with critical acclaim but he tries to do things differently. This looks to be more in the vein of Heavy Rain with its multiple characters and choice based gameplay and that is for the best as I’ve found Heavy Rain to be one of the few satisfying choose your own adventure games as the choices mattered. None of this Telltale shit where no matter what you do the result stays mostly the same. If you messed up in Heavy Rain main characters could die permanently and affect the result of the game.

Now I’m not saying that it is perfect by any means: Some of the plot in the game just didn’t make any sense but at least it did something different. In a time where the 14th entry into the Call of Duty series is still big news, I will take unique ideas anyway I can. I also love that Sony remains dedicated to investing in interesting games that aren’t the typical blockbusters that dominate the market.


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