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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered may be getting a standalone release very soon.

Reports show the game could be coming out tomorrow on June 20 in USA.

Evidence from shows that Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered may be getting a standalone release after all. They have received photos of the game case and reports that the game will actually be releasing on June 20, which as of writing is tomorrow, in America.

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This was originally not going to happen with Activision bundling the game exclusively with Call of Duty Infinite’s special edition. The remaster has received positive reviews regarding the graphical updates but has been disliked greatly by the community for adding new weapons and extra paid DLC to a game seen by many to be the best CoD game. There was also controversy over the release of map packs for more than the originally cost, especially on PC where the content was free. This also goes against the grain of what remastered editions normally do which is bundle all extra content together in the one package.

Opinion: Call of Duty 4 is the game I have spent the most time with over the years. I even played the Promod semi-competitively for a time and it is definitely my favourite of the CoD games. The whole remaster situation has just left a sour taste in my mouth. Firstly, bundling it with Infinite was just scummy and there is no justification for doing so apart from dollar signs. They may not have wanted to cannibalize Infinite’s sales by releasing it separately so instead they forced this situation upon their loyal players.

The DLC and map packs are just the icing on the cake and I’ve heard from some players that it actually plays worse than the original even with its fresh coat of paint. While I’m glad that it’s finally being released standalone, what does this mean for all the players who purchased the special edition after being told it wouldn’t be available separately? This whole situation has just been a complete mess on Activision’s behalf.


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