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Hitman’s prologue is now available to play for free on all platforms.

Just a taste of the action though as the first full mission will not be included.

IO Interactive, fresh off separating with Square Enix, is now allowing everyone to play the prologue of their seasonal Hitman game. The game has finished its first season of content and IO will be really counting on their second season of sales to keep them afloat now that they are on their own.

The free content gives two very small missions: one on a boat and one in an army base to give players a taste of Hitman action. When it was first announced via Twitter it was announced as the “beginning” of the game so fans were hopeful that it included the first full level “Paris” but unfortunately this was not the case. The price of the first season has been slashed though and is currently on sale for $24USD for the first 6 scenarios.

Opinion: I have played the prologue and the Paris level of the game and can safely say that this was not a game for me. The game is technically brilliant and it is a return to what hardcore fans of the series wanted after Absolution was dumbed down for the masses. What returns instead is hard, long and drawn out assassinations that take so much time to plan. I appreciate that this game exists and I am sure that there are plenty of people who would appreciate all the choice to be found in taking out your targets. I just found it to be too convoluted for my liking.

As for the content that is in the prologue, the levels are much smaller than what you will receive in the full game. The ship has only three levels on it and the military base is pretty small too. I actually found these levels to be more up my alley as they are quicker and lets be honest, easier. Paris is where the game really begins and I reckon it would be about 10 times the size of these prologue levels. So I would say that the prologue is best suited for showing you the basic mechanics and how it plays but it is not representative of the rest of the seasonal content.



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