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Pokemon Go is about to revamp its gym system (finally).

Co-op raids will also be added in the coming weeks.

Niantic is finally doing something new to try and spice up Pokemon Go with drastic changes to the gym mechanics of the game. Soon gyms will be able to give items just like PokeStops but more importantly, gyms will feature a maximum of only 6 Pokemon with no duplicates allowed. Gone are the days of gyms filled exclusively with Dragonites and Tyranitars!

This will replace the prestige system used previously which required heaps of grinding to level up your gyms at a fraction of the speed that the gyms can be beaten at. Instead will be a motivation mechanic where gyms that lose becoming easier to take over. Getting coins from gyms will remain but there will also be new gym badges that can be leveled for bonus items.

Finally, there will be a new co-op raid boss mechanic added to gyms in coming weeks. Giant, strong Pokemon will spawn over gyms and you can now team up with your friends to defeat them to catch them and receive brand new items such as rare candies and most interestingly, technical machines to change your Pokemon’s moves.

Opinion: If anyone is wondering why I’m writing about Pokemon Go, it’s because I’m still playing it. I’ve played consistently from the start and have enjoyed my time (220 caught) but it had started to get very stale due to the same crap Pokemon everywhere and the gyms being all the same. I’m glad to see them addressing the gym part and I think all the changes are for the best.

For starters, limiting Pokemon to 1 of a kind at each gym is a godsend. I am so sick of seeing the same 8 Pokemon at every gym purely because they have the highest CP so that they can retain their spots. Now that CP will not matter this will hopefully allow more diversity as it will not be the most important factor anymore. This will hopefully lead to some type diversity as well as water has been the consensus best type for too long due to the CP of its Pokemon.

The new raid mechanic sounds pretty cool and I’ll gladly try and catch some Tyranitars. The CPs on these raid bosses are crazy with screenshots suggesting over 20k. Hopefully it won’t be necessary to use the maximum of 20 people to take these guys down as I’m not sure that game is popular enough at this point. All in all, a good change for the game and I’m glad they are trying something different at least.


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