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Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Future Trunks; possibly cross-play and Switch port.

Future Trunks joins the roster and Arc System Works are listening to their fans.

Fan favourite character Future Trunks is the newest edition to the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ. He was revealed in the latest issue of Jump magazine in Japan, which only showed a single screenshot of him performing a super. Hopefully he’ll be one of the character’s in the upcoming beta.

In an interview with Gameblog, producer Tomoko Hiroki shed some light on the possibility of a Switch port of the game and cross-platform online play. She said that, while there currently isn’t a Switch version in development, it is not due to a lack of power on the system’s end and, with enough demand, there could definitely be a Switch version down the line.

The same goes for cross-play where Hiroki basically said that, if enough players are vocal about cross-play, it is something that they will have to consider. Many DBZ/Fighting Game community members and their audiences have taken to Twitter in support of cross-play and the Switch port, including Maximilian Dood, the biggest content creator in fighting games.

Opinion: A competitive fighting game on the Switch sounds like a match made in heaven and I’m sure there’s a large crossover of Nintendo and Japanese fans to support the game. With all the buzz around DBFZ it wouldn’t surprise me to see if this Switch version becomes a reality.

Cross-play might be more of an issue though. I feel like there are more complications that can arise here and, even if Arc System Works do decide to include cross-play, it’s likely that the PS4 version, which will probably sell the most, will not have cross-play if Sony keeps up their recent trends. I really hope to see cross-play for DBFZ and that Sony starts cooperating with developers that are interested in cross-play. It’s just one of a few reasons why the PS4 is probably the worst platform to play fighting games on right now and why I’m slowly being pushed towards my PC.


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