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Dynasty Warriors 9 ‘History. Reborn’ trailer.

New Dynasty Warriors 9 trailer showing off their engine.

Koei Tecmo have dropped a new trailer for their upcoming PS4 hack and slash game, Dynasty Warriors 9.

The trailer shows off a variety of locations and the new day night cycles, as well as some gameplay. Dynasty Warriors 9 is twisting the classic Musou formula by putting you into an open world setting, rather than having a mission select. The game will feature main quests, which advance the story, side quests, and cities/towns. The core gameplay, however, appears to be largely unchanged.

Opinion: I have no interest in Dynasty Warriors games but at least they’re trying something new with this one. Considering how over the top the animations and combat is, I wish they would go for a more stylised graphical look but I can’t blame them for the realistic style since it is a historical game. I just think that, much like the mindless gameplay of Musou games, it’s super bland. The only ones that interest me slightly are the Zelda and Fire Emblem spin offs because of my investment in those series and the fact that they look much more visually appealing to me.


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