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First look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 in action.

Looking very ambitious but what is there to do in this world?

We now have some footage of Beyond Good and Evil 2’s engine in motion courtesy of creative director Michel Ancel. In the video he goes over some of the basics and really demonstrates the scale of the world. The extent of the space travel is clear from this demo as it really seems to be a focus with multiple spaceships and seamless travel into space from the planet’s surface. He also went into some detail about the environmental degradation that takes place over time from weather cycles and meteor strikes.

He also mentions that the photography mechanic from the previous game will return in some form. The game does look very beautiful even at this very early stage. I’m happy to see some footage of the engine in motion as purely CG trailers don’t really tell us anything. There was previously a trailer released years ago for the Beyond Good and Evil 2 and nothing ever came of it. It is reassuring to see the director being open with the audience this time around.

Opinion: The more I hear about this game, the more I realise that I just need to treat this like a new IP. There is so little gameplay-wise tying these two games together and I have to say that this is starting to sound as ambitious as “No Man’s Sky” when they start talking about solar system exploration and we know how that ended. I would have really liked him to stop and land in the city so that we can really see how “seamless” the transition is between locales. Once again I also have the same fears I did with No Man’s Sky: what do you do? Sure there are huge open areas and planets to explore but what is the point of them if there is nothing there to do. I’m already tempering my expectations for this game but I’ll try to go in with an open mind come review time.


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