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Crash remake’s trophy list hints at DLC levels.

There are some "Lost Treasures" within the trophy list.

The trophy list for the Crash N.Sane Trilogy has been released and there are some very interesting details here. For starters there are THREE platinum trophies, one for each remastered game. Now I’m not sure if anyone else shares my enthusiasm but that is a big deal for me.

More importantly though are two secret trophies that have revealed the “Lost Treasures” DLC. No information regarding DLC for the trilogy had been mentioned up until this point. The title gives us a hint as to what these levels may be.

I find it unlikely that they would create brand new levels to use as DLC for this collection as they would be better off putting them aside for a future game. I am speculating that this DLC will be extra levels that Naughty Dog had planned and tested that had never made it into the original games. Kind of like a B-Sides album. We know that one such level existed in the original Crash Bandicoot: Stormy Ascent. This level is only accessible by using a Gameshark code and is extremely difficult, possibly why it was omitted from the original release. The name “Lost Treasures” makes me think that this is the most likely scenario and considering the team used original wire-frames to recreate the levels it isn’t unlikely that they may have had access to extra levels that were not fully featured.

Stormy Ascent takes the hardest level in the original game and makes it harder still.

Either way I can’t wait for Friday to come to get my hands on this remaster.


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