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Taiko Drum Master is coming to PS4 in Japan.

Time to get those credit cards ready. Its importing time!

The classic Japanese arcade game Taiko Drum Master will be getting a release on PS4 in Japan before the end of the year. The game will include a miniaturized model of the taiko drum itself with drumsticks.

Opinion: Now I know this may seem like a strange game to write about but I must confess I absolutely love playing this game at the arcade. I went on a trip to Japan in November and I must have played it every time I saw it. It is just so fun and addictive while also being insanely difficult on the harder songs.

I honestly may have tried to see much the actual arcade machine costs which was terrifying so this sounds like a much better option to me. The taiko peripheral looks great but I’ll be interested to see how sturdy it is as these things can take a beating. I think I’ll have to hop on eBay to see how much importing one of these is going to cost.



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