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PlatinumGames teases Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 for Switch.

The Switch's lineup seems to be getting stronger by the day.

Over the last week, the gods of character action games have created a new Twitter account which has posted a couple of very interesting images of some of their games.

The first was this picture of Bayonetta. It features the two different designs and colour schemes of everyone’s favourite Umbra Witch, which correspond to each of the two games. This colour scheme also matches that of the Nintendo Switch’s neon joy cons.

Platinum then followed this up a few days later with this picture of some Wonderful 101 characters playing with a Nintendo Switch.

There’s been no official word on what either of these tweets mean but it seems pretty obvious that both franchises are coming to the Switch, one way or another. Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 were both published by Nintendo, on the Wii U, and Platinum was on Nintendo’s initial list of developers supporting the Switch so this makes a lot of sense.

What remains unclear is whether we’ll see sequels coming to the Switch or simply ports of these titles. As much as I’d like to see sequels, especially for The Wonderful 101, I think that ports of the Wii U games is a bit of a no-brainer. The Wonderful 101 would, however, require some design changes as it’s one of the few games that actually had frequent use of the gamepad that actually benefit the game.

Nintendo has already shown that they’re prepared to rerelease Wii U games on the Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the upcoming Pokkén Tournament DX. This is understandable as the poor sales of the Wii U means that there are many Switch owners who skipped out on the last generation and have a handful of games to catch up with. Platinum has also seen some recent success in rereleases of their games with the PC ports of Bayonetta and Vanquish.


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