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Kingdom Hearts 3 has a Toy Story level!

Another playable character has also been confirmed by the director.

A new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer has been released as well as an actual release window of 2018. Now of course there’s no guarantees of this but we’ll take what we can get. The trailer starts off in a Hercules level taking place on top of Mount Olympus from the movie. It can also be seen that level based party members are now in addition to Donald and Goofy, a change from the previous main games that I have played where you had to switch one of them out. This could be a sign that battles could be even bigger which fits the tone of this game as it feels like there may be another Keyblade War in the works.

The combat looks typically very over the top but some of the abilities look absolutely crazy. I’m curious to see if the combat system is more complex or if these abilities are used just using the triangle button like in KH2.

The trailer then shows our first glimpse of a Toy Story level. Sora and his companions have been turned into toys which look great just like the level itself. The outside area on the driveway looks so fantastic and the next section at a toy shop looks like Titanfall, which is a bit unexpected. I’m a bit surprised they wouldn’t re-use Al’s Toy Barn from the second movie.

The trailer ends with a member of Organization XIII (I want to say Terra-Xehanort or Xemnas, they all look the same to me). In other news from the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that there will be a second playable character. Odds are that this will be Riku as him and Sora were given separate quests in the previous game.

I’m very excited for this game and the inclusion of the Toy Story world looks fantastic and just opens the doors to so many more possibilities in the Disney universe. Disney owns so many massive franchises including the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars. The potential is endless but I think the issue will be bringing the Kingdom Hearts universe back down to earth a bit because it is clearly out of hand.

I know that the majority of the series are now available on PS4 but there is way too much required knowledge to follow the overarching story here. Which is a shame because I really like the story but is the average gamer really going to play all the side games? I’ll be interested to see if this game really does get released next year because we’ve all heard that one before.




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