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Spiderman, Haggar, Frank West and Nemesis revealed for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Four new characters and the Mind Stone appear in a new gameplay trailer.

Capcom have dropped a new trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite at San Diego Comic-Con showing off some new characters and mechanics. Spiderman, Haggar, Frank West and Nemesis are all making their return from Marvel 3 with a few new moves. These characters are in line with the leaks that we’ve been hearing so far and bring the current roster up to 27 characters (Jedah was not in the Comic-Con build).

mvci roster.PNG

The Mind Stone has also finally been revealed. Its Infinity Surge is a command grab which leaves the opponent stunned after it ends, allowing for a free combo which is probably heavily scaled. This will be useful for the players who miss Marvel 3’s powerful air throws which led to full combos, as the air throws in infinite are much less powerful. The Mind Stone’s Infinity Storm constantly fills up your super meter until the stone’s bar is empty.

The only Stone we’re yet to see is the Soul Stone which, according to a reputable leaker called Ryce, will have you stealing the opponents health and reviving a dead character. It’s worth noting that, although most of his leaks have been spot on, he was completely incorrect with his Mind Stone leak.

Opinion: The Infinity Stone system is looking really interesting and all of them sound really powerful so far. The game as a whole seems like they want to give us as much control as possible and really has the mentality of “if everything’s OP, nothing is”, but I am a bit concerned about how balanced the Stone’s are going to be.

As far as the roster is concerned, I don’t mind the Marvel side, since I know Capcom probably doesn’t have much creative control there, but the Capcom side just feels so uninspired. Out of the 14 confirmed Capcom characters, 12 of them were in Marvel 3. They have a good amount of games represented but I just wish that we could get some different characters. Why not Leon and Jack Baker for the Resident Evil characters? Why not Rashid for Street Fighter and Nero for Devil May Cry?

I get that they need their iconic characters in here and I do feel bad that they’re being criticised for having too many returning characters here and too many new characters in Street Fighter V but they really just need to find a balance.


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