Opinion: Pokemon Go’s Legendary Raids have been disappointing and too hard.

Good in theory, poor in execution.

I have played Pokemon Go since about a couple of weeks after launch and am currently level 31 with 226 caught and 235 seen. I like to think that this has been a pretty good effort as most of the ones remaining are regional exclusives and legendaries.

I was interested about how Niantic would incorporate the legendaries into the game as it seemed to be very difficult to implement but the raid system has provided a good way of integrating it into the game. I am very fond of the raid system as it stands and think that it adds some extra gameplay elements that were sorely lacking previously. Unfortunately, I have been very disappointed to find that I will not be able to get any of the legendaries in the forseeable future as there is just no chance that I will be able to beat them.

I live in Sydney’s suburbs and when I saw the new raids I assumed that I wouldn’t be able to do them where I lived. I play daily with my partner but obviously 2 people aren’t going to be enough to take Articuno or Lugia down so we had a trip into the city to try our luck. What we found is that even with plenty of people playing we couldn’t even dent them. With a team of 10 mostly high level players we took it down about a third in the time limit. We were all using counters like Golem and Tyranitars but we still couldn’t do it.

This is the most amount of people I’ve seen playing it in one spot since launch fever and it was clear that everyone there was very frustrated. There was a serious player there who had two phones going at once, one level 40 the other 35 and he told me he couldn’t see himself being able to do it without 20 people. Now I wasn’t too upset by this. Legendaries could be a rare catch for a few dedicated players and that is ok with me.  My frustrations lie in the fact that fighting them in a raid doesn’t count as a seen Pokemon. I have literally fought both of them. I have seen them. This is just stupid as seeing other Pokemon at gyms counts as “seen” so why is there a distinction for the event Pokemon. Who knows if we will ever see them again. I know this sounds petty but I feel like the majority of players left are dedicated fans and I know for a fact that I want to get as close as possible to a full Pokedex.

A secondary issue is that the local gyms around where we live have mostly had the legendary raids instead of regular raids. There is no point to having these raids in the suburbs; they are actually just impossible and take up space. I think I’m starting to understand the sentiment of the rural gamers who have had no chance to experience half of the content in the game just because of where they live.

It was a good idea in theory, but legendary raids are a dud.




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