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Stardew Valley multiplayer coming in early 2018.

You'll soon be able to recruit some farmhands to help you out.

The farming and life simulator will be receiving a multiplayer update early next year. In a blog post on the official website, details were revealed about the long rumored multiplayer component which will allow up to 3 farmhands to join your farm. Farmhands can do almost everything but the main player will be in charge of ending the day and starting festivals. It will not require servers and works with a peer to peer invite system through Steam.

The patch that adds these features has received a tentative release date of early 2018 but they have asked for patience as the original was made by just a single person and most of the code had to be rewritten for multiplayer by only a couple.

Stardew Valley was a relaxing experience that I wouldn’t say is for everyone but if you are fan of Harvest Moon or maybe the creative aspects of Minecraft you would enjoy this game. Multiplayer sounds like a great addition as it can be lonely on the farm and talking to friends would keep it a bit more interesting for me.


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