Let’s try this again.

So yeah. Bit longer of a break than I thought.

When I started this I thought I’d do it as a bit of a resume stuffer while I was in the unemployment market. Turns out finding a job as a uni graduate isn’t all that easy. Who’d have known? I thought that by doing this I’d be able to put “video editing and writing skills” and all that on my resume for the sake of having something other than my retail jobs.

I moved houses and struck out on another couple of jobs before landing myself where I currently am. It’s alright. Nothing like I’d actually trained for but hey it’s something. This is where I discovered that when you work full time and have to drive a long way to your job your free time just evaporates.

I was working 8-5 and the traffic was so bad I wound up getting home at about 640 every night. I’m sure plenty of people do the same but when you’re driving it’s the worst. Then when I get home I’ve got to make dinner and then its about 8pm when the free time commences. By this point I was usually so tired that I couldn’t even be bothered playing games that much. I’d just watch some basketball highlights and bum around on the internet.

I found the whole thing strange as I still thought that I liked games and paid attention to gaming news but I just found myself so apathetic when it comes to choosing something to play. Adding to that I’ve gained all kinds of new hobbies that I moved my attention to like smoking meat and homebrewing.

I’ve since moved house again to live with my partner and I had an epiphany of sorts when I was waiting 5 days for my internet to get reconnected. No longer could I bum around on Youtube and Reddit and it was driving me mental. So I went into my Steam library and looked for something that I had downloaded that I could play offline. That was when I booted up one of my favourite games again, Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

Within those 5 days I managed to clock 25 hours of play and it reminded me that I do still like video games (how shocking!) and if I put my mind to it I could enjoy myself. I still do feel apathetic towards most games though and I feel like this gives me a new perspective that I can write from.

Previously when we reviewed games it was very by the book. One of Dunkey’s videos really struck me about how most gaming media just feels the same. I think that I have found a new perspective: a time poor, overly sentimental for the past, apathetic gamer who struggles to finish games if they don’t grab me. I feel like I’m not alone in this feeling this way. I’m sure there are plenty of gamers out there who’ve just lost the passion for the most part and barely have time to play anything. I will be writing for you.

I’m thinking of using a new mix of grading systems to get my points across.

  1. Hours played – I have so many games that I have started and haven’t finished. If a game just isn’t grabbing me it will be pretty clear.
  2. Did I enjoy my time with the game – I’m sure there are plenty of technically brilliant games about there that just won’t appeal to me.
  3. How much would I recommend paying – I’m on the fence about this one. On one hand it really does speak to me now that I have to pay rent, power, gas, water, internet, phone, petrol and grocery bills. On the other hand I’m not sure if I’ll be accurately able to gauge games with a single number like this. I guess we’ll find out.

Something else that I will be doing is playing games that aren’t necessarily new. I can’t afford to buy new games. I will be waiting for sales for many and playing through my back catalogue so don’t come expecting every new blockbuster release. Sorry.

I’m also going to make all my pieces more conversational and in this style rather than trying to sound like a professional newsreader or something. This is me. I can ramble, be sarcastic and use naughty words sometimes.

So yeah, I’m back and we’ll see how I go this time.

PS: I’m going to keep the logo and stuff as it is because I think it looks cool.


  • I am back.
  • Time disappears when you get older.
  • I am no longer addicted to games like I was 8 years ago.
  • I’m going to start writing again; more personal and with my new perspective in mind.

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