Clustertruck Review

Clustertruck is the ultimate game of the floor is lava. You have to get over the finish line by bouncing between big rigs aimlessly driving into the horizon. It almost feels like a rhythm game if you play it the way I did: constantly sprinting and jumping like a mad man. The problem is when you play it like that (the fun way) the game gets really hard, really quick.

Clustertruck is played from the first person perspective and is primarily a platformer. This is usually a mix that doesn’t work that great and there are plenty of precision jumps required in this game as well as air dodging to get around the devilish obstacles in your way. The graphics are pretty minimalist but they didn’t bug me. I understand that this was a project from a smaller team and at the low price point I have no issues. I just want to have fun with it.

Oh no.

I was having a pretty good time with the game and was getting into a rhythm early on. When you fall you respawn almost instantly which helps the flow of the game and is definitely a plus but once the game starts ramping up I just couldn’t do it anymore. I tapped out midway through world four which is when the map starts becoming covered with lasers in every direction. While I’m sure there are plenty of people that are out there that are good at this game I just couldn’t get a hang of the controls in way that would let me pull off the precise moves that I wanted to do. I played this on PS4 and maybe that is a problem that could be fixed with a mouse and keyboard but unfortunately for the game it was on sale on PS4 first.

This is more like it.

There are abilities that are pretty fun and add to the tactics you can use but they still couldn’t get me through the “harder” levels. I’ve read online that there are actually 10 sets of 10 levels which is pretty embarrassing for me but whenever I slowed it down and took my time I just stopped having fun. For me, the fun came from going as fast as possible stringing together jumps and pretending I’m doing a speed run. I’m sure the good players out there make some pretty impressive runs.

Plenty of variety in the level locales.

I must admit that I did have a fair bit of fun with this game while it lasted. The devs appeared to support the game well too as it has additional Halloween and Christmas levels. I’ve also read online that it has community support meaning as many levels as you’d like if you get the game on PC. If the game sounds like it appeals to you I’d probably recommend picking it up next Steam sale when it goes on sale for cheap. I like what the devs were going for but the difficulty just spikes too hard and I don’t feel like persevering.



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