GROUNDED Games is designed to be a website purely about games. We are writers who are very experienced with games and gaming culture and who believe that gaming media has become too cluttered and bogged down in “nerd culture”.

Our mission is to be better than that and focus on what we know. We want to bring gaming back down to earth and report on what is important to us to the best of our ability. We also believe in bringing varied but impartial views to the table in our reviews and plan on having multiple reviews of the same games.

We believe that this is currently an issue with how many websites review video games. A single person is tasked with giving an entire websites viewpoint and are assigned games that typically appeal to that person. We want to give multiple perspectives as we feel it better serves our readers to draw upon a wide view of opinions when making their purchase decisions.

We will also be purchasing our own games for the purposes of reviewing as we do believe that price can have a determining factor in the value of a game.

Above all, GROUNDED Games is made to be different by cutting through the clutter, delivering accurate and factual news and by providing varied and impartial opinions.